WEEE Recycling Nottingham

WEEE recycling Nottingham: Your local Commercial WEEE recycling equipment Recycling & Disposal Service covering Nottingham and surrounding areas

If you are unsure of anything regarding the recently introduced WEEE regulations, please just ask a customer services provider and we will let you know what you need to know to save you a headache. Our customer consultation and advice services are free of charge.

WEEE recycling Nottingham is a service focused on just the IT Equipment / Telecoms side which allows us to go into detail and provide attention where required such as the data protection act and the waste hierarchy. Computer recycling Nottingham has gone into as much detail as possible with our WEEE recycling Nottingham service. All collections are undertaken by our professional staff that will come to your site and collect everything you have without any trouble.

The WEEE Recycling Service includes a variety of data destruction services including shredding which is best for media tapes, floppy disks and CDs/DVDs – they can be shredded very quickly. We have purchased a 10Tonne hard drive disk crusher which physically punches through the platter rendering the data completely unrecoverable. We have a magnetic field wiping system called a degausser which wipes all magnetic media – using this method, it doesn’t destroy them physically though so customers prefer to use other methods. Data wiping is the best method for re-use and with our newly installed hard drive wiping room, Revive IT are able to securely wipe all hard drives extremely quickly due to having over 40 systems in place.

Our main customers who use WEEE Recycling Nottingham, create about 6 pallets of WEEE every week which needs to be recycled. Our 7.5 Tonne truck attends the site and as it has a tail lift, all pallets are quickly and efficiently loaded. If you can’t pallet WEEE up for your WEEE Recycling Nottingham collection, not to worry, Computer recycling Nottingham will get to you and we will load the equipment loose. On arrival back at our site, it all gets unloaded loose anyway as it is segregated.