Data Security

Our whole computer recycling Nottingham service is dedicated to professional and responsible secure IT Equipment recycling. Our secure service is designed to meet the requirements of all organisation sizes.

We achieve this by doing the following:

  • Our own reliable and trustworthy staff are used. We never use external organisations
  • Secure vehicles are used and they are easily identifiable with logos
  • No matter where each vehicle is, we’ll be able to see their exact location using our online tracking system. We check with the driver regularly to ensure everything is going to plan. If the vehicle were to be taken from our hands, the authorities would be informed
  • As soon as equipment is unloaded, all the hard drives, tapes etc are split up from the equipment to ensure nothing gets mixed up. They are then data wiped or crushed or shredded
  • A data disposal certificate is always provided
  • Every type of data holding device is destroyed in the most secure method available
  • Our disposal methods meet the required standards – CESG government and MOD wiping (3 passes)

Main doors throughout our computer recycling Nottingham building are secured with access point security:

  • Our alarm system is deafening and is tested regularly
  • Our CCTV system is very high tech (operating in both daylight and dark)
  • Visitors have to have name badges and must be accompanied by a member of staff
  • The delivery entrance is secured
  • High tech sensors are fitted onto every external wall so intruders are detected
  • The external of the building is well lit up at night
  • Computer recycling Nottingham has a 27001 Security accreditation in place of which an external body has issued. They check our systems regularly to ensure we are fully compliant