Revive IT is committed to the collection and disposal of redundant IT equipment in a secure fashion ensuring the risk of compromise is minimised.

Our main methods of providing a secure service are:

  • Collection of items using our own trusted staff
  • Collection of items using secure vehicles
  • All vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems which allow us to locate them at any time. If a vehicle is unlawfully taken from Revive ITs possession, this tracking information will be forwarded immediately to the authorities to allow a quick recovery
  • When unloading the vehicles, all data baring devices are separated from the remainder of the equipment to be processed immediately
  • Certificate of destruction issued
  • Data destruction – all data carrying devices wiped or destroyed
  • Only authorised staff are able to access areas where data baring devices are yet to be processed

All main access doors are fitted with Access control Systems and:

  • Protected by 24hr online alarm
  • Protected by 24hr recorded CCTV
  • Visitors supervised at all times
  • Goods In area supervised at all times
  • Warehouse walls armed with shock sensors connected to the alarm system in place
  • The site is well lit up during the night
  • All company references including permanent security markings will be removed from equipment, prior to resale. In the event that permanent security markings cannot be removed, equipment will be forwarded for disposal.

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