PC Recycling Nottingham

PC recycling Nottingham: Your local PC recycling service covering Nottingham and surrounding areas

PC Recycling Nottingham will remove any unwanted, broken or obsolete PC Computer equipment from your office quickly and efficiently. Computer recycling Nottingham are committed to the environment and we try do our bit through the following methods:

  • All vehicles are modern and well serviced to ensure they are environmentally friendly
  • All drivers are taught how to drive sustainably (not aggressively accelerating and breaking)
  • Computer Recycling Nottingham monitors our drivers driving via GPS Tracking
  • We don’t overload our vehicles like many of our competitors do dangerously
  • All consumables in the office are re-filled or recycled such as toners, paper, ink cartridges instead of simply binning
  • All lights at our depots are low wattage and energy efficient
  • All electrics are turned off when not in use instead of being left on standby
  • We recycle everything we collect, either re-useable or via materials recycling
  • We re-use & repair as much as possible instead of simply swapping over, as the waste hierarchy wants

We get endless repeat business which clearly states that our customers are happy. In the event an negative responses are returned via feedback forms, they are discussed at management meetings.

PC Recycling Nottingham has created my happy customers such as a woman from a school situated in Nottingham. They had just swapped over 28 computers and accessories from their ICT room and they were going on summer holidays in 1 weeks time so they urgently needed everything out of the way and the hard drives data wiping so they weren’t sat around. Computer recycling Nottingham were able to get to the client within 2 days at the time and date agreed. All equipment was loaded via trolleys provided by us. They didn’t need to assist all. The reported back to the office saying that the collection had been carried out professionally and responsibly and all documentation expected was received for the PC Recycling Nottingham service.