Data Sanitization (On+Offsite)

All our data destruction processes can be carried out at your site or ours depending on your specific requirements.

Detailed below is a full list of all our data destruction methods – you can choose the method which is right for you.

Hard Drives:

CESG Approved Crushing

Data Wiping


Media Tapes/Video Tapes


CESG Approved Crushing prior to shredding

Optical Media (CDs/DVDs/Blueray)

Floppy / Zip Discs

USB Memory Sticks


Mobile Phones

Data Wiping


Routers/Thin Clients with stored configs

Software reset

Data Wiping

Labels / Company references

Removal & Destruction

We guarantee the destruction of all data stored on anything we collect

Onsite Computer Hardware Data Destruction:

Many large organisations have security policies in place which prevent confidential data including redundant IT hardware from leaving site until secure destruction has been completed. The risks associated with IT hardware leaving site are often overlooked but onsite data destruction is definitely to be considered.

The key features of this service are:

  • Our operatives are security vetted / CRB checked / trusted / friendly / motivated / experienced
  • Onsite destruction can be completed via many methods which includes data wiping, crushing, shredding, degaussing and resetting
  • All machinery and equipment is top of the range industrial equipment which is regularly certified to ensure continual compliance
  • All destroyed materials are taken offsite for environmentally friendly disposal
  • All destroyed data bearing assets can be asset logged before secure destruction
  • Quality, Data Security, Safety and Environmental Practice are integral to all our services with our UKAS certifications
  • If required, media can be securely data cleansed for reuse
  • Safety isn’t a concern as a full risk assessment has been undertaken by our H&S officer and all controls are complied with
  • The destruction method you choose can be seen in operation before you decide to proceed with your choice
  • Our vehicles used for onsite destruction are signed up, have cameras, are tracked and bear addition security mechanisms


Offsite Computer Hardware Data Destruction:

Offsite destruction is included as standard in all collections. We have been setup to guarantee secure destruction and will do so whether onsite or offsite destruction is chosen.

We would recommend all standard organisations without specific security requirements use this service as we would rate it just as secure as onsite destruction due to our security measures in place.