IT Disposal Nottingham

IT disposal Nottingham: Your local IT disposal service covering Nottingham and surrounding areas

IT Disposal Nottingham was set up a few years back to allow schools, businesses, companies, warehouses, offices, colleges etc the opportunity to recycle all their old IT Equipment free of charge. If they pay expensive prices to purchase the IT Equipment in the first place, we see no reason why they should pay for IT Disposal Nottingham.  Since then, many extras have been added to the service which all customers are benefitting from including free offsite data destruction using the most up to date tools such as the 10 tonne EDR hard drive crusher and our shredding machine.  We have now just installed a new data wiping room which now holds over 30 computer systems data wiping every hard drive type you can think of including SAS, SATA, IDE, SCSI, Fibre Channel both 3.5” and 2.5”. Computer recycling Nottingham have a team of experts to allow us to confidently data wipe all the following miscellaneous devices: Routers, Switches, Thin clients, Wireless access points, Hubs, Phone systems, Firewalls and many other networking equipment. These misc items that have been securely wiped will go on the data destruction certificate as misc.

Don’t forget, we don’t allow any IT Equipment to leave our premises until it has been securely data wiped and all attached labels / IP Addresses / Phone numbers / references have been removed. Anything re-used is cleaned up, data wiped and PAT tested. IT Disposal Nottingham has its own certified PAT tested onsite at all times.

Computer recycling Nottingham has minimum complaints due to our high quality efficient service. We are ISO9001 Quality management and ISO14001 Accredited along with Health and Safety accredited. If you require it, we can perform risk assessments before any collections are undertaken. IT Disposal Nottingham can do all service levels including one-off, regular and contractual agreements.

Get in touch and quote ‘IT Recycling Nottingham’ to the customer services representative for further details.