Computer Recycling Nottingham

Computer Recycling Nottingham: Your local computer recycling service covering Nottingham and surrounding areas

Computer recycling Nottingham is a free of charge service provided to all market sectors within the Nottingham area. Our own vehicles travel regularly around this area so collections can be as and when you please. To be eligible for a free collection you must have at least 10 computer items otherwise we would unfortunately have to charge. Alternatively you can drop what you have, off at our warehouse. We have a large fleet of vehicles: 3.5 Tonne Mercedes sprinters and 7.5 Tonne trucks and some which have tail lifts – all suit different collections. We need to know a rough idea of what needs recycling at the time of collection, so we ensure that the correct vehicle is brought to the collection. The computer recycling Nottingham service does accept and collect absolutely anything computer related but if there are any rack mount cabinets, photocopiers or very large printers etc, please make us aware at the time of booking especially if they are up a set of stairs. Additional lifting gear and staff members will need to be present.

A quick example of a collection undertaken via computer recycling Nottingham:

Someone phones up from an office in the centre, saying they have had a standard 3 year changeover of IT Assets and they are looking for computer recycling Nottingham to remove everything. They couldn’t believe the service was free of charge. As they were calling from a bank, they required all hard drives and flash chips and other data holding devices to be physically deleted at their site to prevent any data escaping into the wrong hands. An asset report wasn’t required as they had already knocked the items from their asset register.

Computer recycling Nottingham, came to their site, loaded up all waste computer equipment for recycling. One member of staff removed all hard drives and flash chips from computers, routers and firewalls – they were all then shredded at their site.