Computer Disposal Nottingham

Computer disposal Nottingham: Your local computer disposal service covering Nottingham and surrounding areas

Computer disposal Nottingham is provided by Computer recycling Nottingham.

This service is completely free and helps all organisations of all sizes to comply with multiple regulations including but not limited to WEEE, Waste hierarchy and the data protection act.

All WEEE that you produce, to comply with the law, must be collected by a licensed waste carrier, taken to an authorised recycling facility such as our T11 exempt site and then recycled at that site. You can no longer throw WEEE in a skip or your black bin. Businesses must pay to take WEEE to the council tip. And if you send your WEEE to a waste management company you aren’t complying with two of these regulations – Waste hierarchy and the data protection act.

Computer disposal Nottingham focuses on IT Equipment / Telecoms WEEE only, so that we can ensure both of those remaining two regulations are complied with. So unfortunately computer recycling Nottingham can’t take white goods or miscellaneous electrical items. We have a T11 exemption that is specifically designed for companies like us. When you sign a waste transfer note, you are also confirming a statement saying you have applied the waste hierarchy to your disposal process. The waste hierarchy basically states, you have put repairing and re-use before simply deciding to dispose of something. It is generally easier to dispose of something instead of repairing / refurbishing. Computer disposal Nottingham does commercial refurbishing / repairs  so you don’t have to. In fact, over 60% of what we collect, ends up being re-used which is really good. The remainder gets broken down to various materials for complete recycling.

All IT Equipment bares data on its hard drives, flash chips, media tapes along with routers / firewalls – all of which is highly confidential. Revive IT Recycling will ensure all this data is destroyed for you free of charge. The only service we charge for is onsite data destruction for computer disposal Nottingham. You will receive a data destruction certificate, whether it is 1 hard drive or 100s.